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Article Master Series V3

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Else Wants To Grab The No Restriction Private Label Rights To 15000
Top-Shelf Articles That You Can Instantly Turn Around and Sell?”

Content, Everyone Screams CONTENT!  Here’s Your Chance To Provide
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Master Resell Rights Included




you looking for way to potentially make hundreds of thousands of
dollars on the internet without having to work hard? Private Label
Rights are the most desired investment that you can make online right
now. Private Label Rights, or PLR, consists of content that is written
and sold for you to do whatever you want. You can purchase PLR from
writers and sell it to businesses for a considerable profit without
having to quit your day job.

The internet is still the information highway. The main reason for
using the internet is to get information. Information is provided by
PLR content. Once you own PLR, you can use it to sell to websites or
even as an e-book.

E-books and reports are just one way that you can use PLR content to
make money. Other ways that you can use this special content include
newsletters as well as press releases. When you purchase PLR content
from a writer, you purchase full rights to the product. This means that
you can break it up any way that you want and use it for your own
profit and enjoyment. And there are millions of people who are more
than willing to buy it in one form or another.

don’t need to have an education. You just have to be willing to read
and learn.

Anyone can be successful in an online business if you understand the
basics about PLR content.   But even better still, if you can provide the PLR content EVERY
webmaster needs!

Finding good, but expensive PLR content monthly is easy to find if you
go looking, but finding PLR content that you can resell is a different

Introducing the Article Master Series

Take a look around, PLR content is massive business, people seek ready
made content on a constant basis, #1 it takes the hassle out of
writing, #2 by paying a monthly fee could in effect save you hundreds
of dollars!

Writing can be the most grueling task online, especially if you don’t
like writing. It’s very easy to spend a lot of time trying to create
new material. I’ve written many articles, books, and publications so I
can definitely feel your content-creating pain.

Just think about it for a second, what is the average cost for an
article written these days?  $12 per article sounds about right.

There’s really only one easy solution that will help grow your
business, save you time, and increase your income: Find a consistent
content stream.

You absolutely need a content stream that comes in every month that
doesn’t require you to write a single word.

This is where the Article Master Series steps in.  15000 Top-Shelf
PLR Articles, based on various Niches, that you can plug into your
website, OR turn around and resell the PLR!

Just look at some of the topics in this MASSIVE
Pack of Private Label Articles:

Contact Lenses



remote control helicopters


Renting A House Or Apartment


Adsense Advertising


Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate Marketing On The Internet

Job Search

Affiliate Success

junior golf



After School Activities

Kitchen Remodelling

Air Purifiers


alternative energy

La Jolla California

American History


anger management

Las Vegas

Art Auctions


250 Mix Articles

Making Money With Articles



art marketing

Marketing Your Business


Martial Arts



Atkins Diet

Membership Sites


Mexico Vacations



Auto Navigation Systems

Mini Blinds or Wood Shutters

Auto Responders


Auto sound systems

mobility scooters




Motor Homes


Motorcycles and Scooters

Backyard Activities

Mountain Biking

Bargain Hunting


Bathroom Remodelling

New Air Travel Rules


New Years Eve Party Planning

Beach Vacations

New York


Newport Beach

Beauty biography

Niche Marketing

Black History

Nursing Assistant

Blog Marketing

Office Chairs


Online Shopping



Bluetooth Technology

Outsourcing Ebooks and Software

Breast Feeding

Paint Ball


Personal Loans

Buying A Boat

pet health care

Buying Paintings


Candle Making

pH Miracle Diet





Hiking and Camping

Wart Removal

Hobby Articles

Web Design

Holiday Games & Activities

web traffic

home and constructions


home decorating

Wedding Favors

Home Schooling

Wedding Games & Activities

Home Security

Weight Loss

Home Theatre Systems

Weight Loss

Home-Theatre Hunting

Wine And Spirits

hypoallergenic dogs

Women’s Issues

International Airports




Ipod VideoIpod-Video






Pool Accessories

CD duplication



Power Tools

Choosing the Right Golf Clubs

Pre-Paid Legal

Christmas Shopping

Private Jet Charters


Private Label Resell Rights

Closet Organizers

Private Yacht Charters

Coin Collecting

Raw food

College Scholarship

RC Hobbies

Computer games & systems

Real Estate

Computers, Laptops


Retirement Planning

creating an online business

San Diego

Credit Card

San Francisco

Credit Cards

Satellite Radio



Cruise Ships




Data Recovery

Self Improvement Articles

Dating Women


Decorating for Christmas

Show Business

Dental Assistant

ski vacations


Skiing Locations



Diesel VS Gasoline vehicles

Ski Vacations


Sleeping baby





Disney land Dogs

Social Networking




Sports Car

elliptical trainers


Email Marketing

Summer Vacations


Supercross Racing

Excavation Equipment



Surround Sound


Swimming Pools

eZine Marketing


Family Budget







Thanksgiving Party Articles


Theatre Arts

foods and beverages

Time-Share Investments



Formula D Racing

Toothache and Tooth Care

Fruit Trees

Top Golfing Accessories


Tracking Software


Travel Tips To European Countries

Garage Remodelling

Universal Studio Tours

Gardening general

Vacuum Cleaners

Golden Retriever



Valentines Day

Golf Google Sense


google adsense



Video Sites


video streaming

Healthy Eating


High Definition Video Cameras

Vitamins and Supplements


One Of The Largest Collections Of PLR Articles Ever Put Together, Just
Think Of The Possibilities………..

Become A PLR Content Provider

    1 – You
    can market PLR content with no money.
    You don’t need to have a large bankroll to get started in the world of
    PLR content.  The tools are there, you just have to know how to
    use them.  And when you purchase Article Master Series, you will
    be able to use the content in any way you imagine to make money.

    2 –
    businesses online need content

    Private label rights is the
    ultimate in content

    and is something that is always going to be in demand, even in a
    recession.  The more you understand how to use PLR content, the
    more money you can make.  By tapping into the content needs of
    webmasters, the potential for earning money is phenomenal!

“UNLIMITED Opportunity, Don’t You Think?”

let  everyone else take advantage of this easy to learn method of
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If you are tired
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different ways. 

What Can You Do With These PLR

huge amounts of cold hard cash, by providing the much needed content
every webmaster needs, with these 15000 top-shelf PLR articles!

your very own eBooks with the provided articles!

your very own short reports to give away to your list members!

press releases to arouse interest in your site!

to your own website, every Search Engine LOVES content, and LOTS of it,
keeping your site fresh is a must!

the articles into your autoresponder, and keep your list
members happy with a constant flow of information!

 In short, you can do absolutely anything
you want with these PLR Articles, other than give them away!

And much, much more!

Much Is This Opportunity Worth To You?

For only $3.00, you can have the opportunity that you have always
wanted.  Live the dream of most people and become your own boss,
and provide the content thousands of webmasters need!


Using private
label rights content is easy to do and is something that is always in
demand.  If you are looking for a way to get the best PLR content
on the internet for one low fee, this is the way to do it.

The Article Master Series V3 Today For Only $3.00

Warm Regards,

P.S. Not sure if this is for
you? Remember, you have my seal of satisfaction guarantee. Read on to
learn why this is the case:-

“You Get My 100% Satisfaction,
Money Back Guarantee!”

You have
a full 60 days to check out this product to see if
it’s for you. I guarantee you it’s nothing quite like you know so well
If for any reason at
all, you’re not satisfied with it whatsoever, just drop me an email,
delete the product off your hard drive, and I’ll refund your purchase. No
questions asked


easy funnel how lose loss ways weight

Weight Loss – How To Lose Weight – Easy Ways To Lose Weight

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First off, thanks so much for purchasing the guide That Will Teach You All the Skills You Need to Lose weight and Keep it Off, Starting Now.

If you follow the step-by-step guide, you will be heading straight to that goal…

But, what if you could do it even faster…

And what if you could insure that you get the absolute best results possible and stay focused…

In short, making sure that this is a real success.

The good news is, you can…

For a limited time, you can get access to the video upgrade to the

guide you just purchased at a very low price…

This powerful upgrade will make it easier to get started and stay

committed to your ultimate goal.

Just to be clear, this is an EXCLUSIVE  upgrade for

customers only…

bob funnel guide rebuttal sales

Bob Firestone’s Sales Rebuttal Guide 2016

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〉 Download 250 Word-for-Word Sales Rebuttals + MP3 Audio Sales Training.

Media Player Error. If you want to hear the audio,

Please update your browser.

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T his audio is just a small taste of the hundreds of sales rebuttals, comebacks, turnarounds, tie-downs, probes, clinchers, and closing techniques I want to give you to use on your customers. Use my sales phrases to close more deals & make more sales.

Do you want to make more effective sales calls? … Stuck in a rut? … Could your sales skills use a refresher?

From The Desk Of: Bob Firestone

DEAR BUSINESS OWNERS & Sales Executives —

You’re smart enough to have found this page. Obviously you want to increase your sales … but how?

   Answer: Highly effective rebuttals for overcoming objections.

   Try these sales scripts … The reason is because you have LIMITED TIME in front of your prospects to deliver your sales message. With that time you must say the most powerful things that are most calculated and most likely to get your desired business result. And here they are for you, on silver platter. I’ve been continually improving this collection since 2004.

   These fresh and modern Comebacks and Rebuttals are BETTER and DIFFERENT than the standard stuff that has been around for years. You’re learning new and original TRUST-BUILDING, FAITH-GENERATING conversational comebacks designed for today’s informed clients and complex business world.

 Continue reading to see the example sales techniques!

Every sale has five basic obstacles:

No need, no money, no hurry, no desire, or no trust.

… You must overcome these objections on every sale.

Frustrated by their stalls? … Sick of rejection?

Look — If you keep doing what you’re doing now then you can’t expect different or better results. The key to fatter paychecks is preparing yourself with intelligent comebacks. Imagine if you knew EXACTLY what to say when you heard stuff like this:

  • I’m not interested.
  • I’m too busy right now. It’s not a priority.
  • Just email me some info and I’ll keep it on file.
  • The price is too high / We don’t have the budget.
  • I need to wait / I need to think about it. Call me in six months.
  • I need to talk to my VP, partner, boss, wife, etc.
  • We’re currently using another supplier and we’re happy.
  • It won’t work for us. We don’t need it.
  • We’ve had a bad experience with this type of thing.
  • You’re too small / never heard of you.
  • You’re just trying to sell me …
  • I like the idea, but I need you to tell me I’m making the right decision.

Right now, you can learn modern rebuttals and turnarounds for easily smashing through all of these basic objections, plus learn effective responses to more complex buyer stalls. (See the 36 examples below.)

Example Sales Scripts  (read these carefully)

“Let me ask you this, Jim — Now that you know everything there is to know about this, WHAT’S THE ABSOLUTE WORST THING THAT COULD HAPPEN if you went ahead with it today?”

“I know you like the idea, but WHAT IS THE REAL REASON you won’t try this right now? … The monthly investment you make is less than what you might spend on a couple rounds of cocktails on a Saturday night! — plus we have a money back guarantee … “

I know you’re busy, and so am I — but just take two minutes to get the info and then YOU BE THE JUDGE … I mean if you saw a hundred dollar bill sitting on the sidewalk, you’d take a second to stop and pick it up, wouldn’t you? … I know that’s a cheesy example, but I just want to introduce myself and LET YOU KNOW THAT WE’VE HAD A LOT OF SUCCESS in helping business owners just like yourself … Hear me out for a second, OK?”

“OK, but hold on a second, Sarah — I want to ask you: If there is anything about our company, service, or price that you don’t like, then I’D LIKE YOU TO TELL ME, because the last thing I want to do is annoy you about something you aren’t interested in. WOULD YOU DO THAT? Fine. So by the time we’ve had a 2 minute discussion, we’ll either be doing business or we won’t. Fair enough?”

“Margaret, there are usually three reasons why someone can’t make a decision when we first contact them. The first reason is that they don’t quite understand how it works and how it will benefit them. The second reason is that I might not have built enough credibility in my company … and the third reason is that they simply can’t afford us. IF I COULD SHOW YOU WITHOUT A DOUBT THAT IT DEFINITELY WORKS, then what exactly would be holding you back?

“Which company are you using? Oh, that’s a good company!! Who are you working with over there?? … Hmm, I haven’t heard of him. How did you happen to choose him? I see … Why do you think you should stay with them WITHOUT COMPARING WHAT WE HAVE TO OFFER? — Seems like you’re taking a big risk by failing to compare value

No matter what you’re selling, you will benefit from this training.

W ith this Complete Master File of the best Comebacks & Rebuttals used by the most successful, most highly paid top 2% of salespeople, your earning power grows to a new level of opportunity. I’ve seen my reps double and even triple their income with it. With this training package by your side, you:

  • Increase your confidence & ability to transform your sales.
  • Smash through their objections and break your personal sales records.
  • Eliminate any fear or call reluctance that’s holding you back.
  • Propel yourself to new levels of income and earning power.
  • Close more deals, faster.
  • Think of how you’ll feel when you start closing more deals!

Bob Firestone Sales Training mp3 download.

85 Page Guide of 250 Rebuttals

+ Mp3 Audio Sales Training. Listen:

  1. Instantly download and hear this massive collection of 100% original, fresh & modern rebuttals and closing techniques.
  2. Listen, pause & rewind until you’ve mastered them. Teaches you quickly and easily.
  3. Add it to your iPod or phone, play it in your car. Fills you with motivation and confidence.

Download it now. Return it if you don’t like it.

Try it with no risk! … Easy automatic instant refund if you’re not 100% satisfied.

The Ultimate Guide To Sales Comebacks And Rebuttals 2016!

Bob Firestone Sales Rebuttals book cover.

  Newly Updated for 2016.

  • 85 page Guide contains 250 Word-for-Word Rebuttals, plus dozens of proven Opening Scripts & Closing Techniques.
  • Use this Guide to build and reinforce your attitude of confidently EXPECTING to succeed. Visualize the close!
  • If you are serious about making more money in sales then you owe it to yourself to download this lethal arsenal. Get 25 modern closing techniques plus 17 CLOSING POWER STATEMENTS that ask for the sale.

Here are some sample closing techniques:

” … Why don’t you
take it?”

” … May I ask for your order today?”

“Jim, if we could get the paperwork out of the way right now, then that would be JUST ONE LESS THING IN YOUR WAY before you start enjoying the benefits. If my assistant faxes something over right now, CAN IT GET AN ‘OK’ BY THE END OF THE DAY?


SO HERE’S WHAT WE NEED TO DO. The $4,500 package includes (detailed list of benefits) … THAT’S EVERYTHING, RIGHT? … Are these the ones you want? Fantastic. My assistant is going to go ahead and fax over a simple agreement that will need an approval. WILL IT GET FAXED BACK TO US BY THE END OF THE DAY?”

“Nice. I like it. I’m with you. OK, I WOULD LIKE TO MAKE A RECOMMENDATION based on what you have told me. I think you should go with the intermediate package that you agreed would probably be a smart thing for you to do. We use a simple agreement that will need your initials after my assistant faxes it over in the next ten minutes. THAT’s ALL WE NEED TO DO to get my guys started on this for you … “

“… if we could do that for you, THEN WOULD YOU SERIOUSLY CONSIDER GIVING IT SHOT? …”

“Can you see how this is a really low-risk way to totally rule out failure and it’s the best option to go with your strategy? Let’s give it a shot, OK?

“Don’t you deserve this advantage? — pick it up right now. And the price is very fair considering other the stuff on the market and THE HUGE ADVANTAGE it gives you once you start using it.”

  1. The “wake up” close.
  2. The “good cop, bad cop” close.
  3. The “I noticed a strange thing on LinkedIn” close.
  4. The “negative yes” close.
  5. The “conditional” close.
  6. The “sorry on the way out” close.
  7. The “tell a winner / loser story” close.
  8. The “because you’re serious” turnaround close.
  9. A new school technology-based twist on “the balance sheet” close.
  10. Plus at least 40 more word-for-word closing techniques that will stun you in their effectiveness to get your prospects to buy!

  11. So, what exactly’s in this Master File? … What’s it look like?

    IT’S LIKE HAVING a top-gun sales guy looking over your shoulder, guiding you through the sale. — You’ll have all the potent tools close at hand.

    It looks like this, this is what you get:

    • 85 pages — over 17,000 words — of actionable money-making sales scripts painstakingly edited and assembled into an easy-to-use Guide.
    • Professional Mp3 Audio so you can listen and learn on your phone or in your car.
    • Over 250 modern, intelligent and effective comebacks & rebuttals.
    • 17 word-for-word closing “Power Statements.”
    • 25 astounding new-school closing techniques that ask for the sale.
    • 6 budget data-mining questions for you to sniff out the money.
    • 38 selling questions for you to isolate the objection.
    • A special section on Psychological Triggers that exploit your buyer’s EMOTIONS and unconscious desires.
    • Three ingenious methods of stopping objections before they come up.

    Seven (7) Cold Call OPENER Scripts to set appointments with Small Business Owners, or Senior Executive Decision Makers.

    • How to turn Gatekeepers into Guides: 10 techniques to get past the receptionist and make their assistant work for YOU.
    • A turnaround technique so simple and so effective you are going to laugh out loud when you hear it.
    • How to mentally implant YOUR benefits to fill in their “Missing Beliefs.”
    • A virtually unknown process to jump start word-of-mouth and obtain referrals, references and repeat business.
    • How to effectively use probes, clinchers, “trial closes” & tie-down questions.
    • No BS fluff or information overload. Made for you to learn fast and easy.

    If you learn just two new things from this Guide, then you would probably close more sales and make more money, wouldn’t you? …

    5.0 out of 5 starsThis guide has now become our “Bible.”

    Sales ManagerTeleReach Corporate

    A picture of Curtis Dixon

    “Bob, the info you offer is AWESOME. it has helped us a lot already after having it just a couple days. I am a manager of a telesales office and we have three branches. We had a management meeting yesterday and this guide has now become our supervisor’s “Bible” for training out TSRs.”

    5.0 out of 5 starsWe’ve almost doubled our closing ratio.

    Managing Principal & COOInfinity Financial Services

    A picture of James Simos

    “Dear Bob, Love the book. I am the Managing Principal of a securities broker / dealer and Registered Investment Advisor in Oakland, CA. I made your audio training and book required reading for our sales staff and we’ve almost doubled our closing ratio in 60 days.”

    5.0 out of 5 starsWill put you in total control of your appointments!

    Sales Trainer & New York Times Best-Selling Author

    A picture of Frank Rumbauskas

    “Sales guru Bob Firestone is a genius when it comes to awesome comebacks for overcoming objections. This fantastic training package is packed full of great comebacks and sales rebuttals that will put you in total control of your appointments, and have you closing a lot more sales, fast!”

    5.0 out of 5 starsBlown away by the quality of the content.

    CEOWorld Fire Safety Foundation

    A picture of Karl Westwell

    “Over the years I have read a lot of books on sales. Most just rehash old material and offer little if anything really new and innovative, so when I saw your Sales Rebuttal Guide advertised I was dubious. I wasn’t really expecting as much as was promised on the website. But you not only delivered, you over-delivered and I was blown away by the quality of the content.”

    5.0 out of 5 starsI’ve been in telesales for a long time …

    Sales ExecutiveNeoCom · (330)-883-8675

    A picture of Linda Money

    “Bob … Absolutely use my testimonial! I purchased your Sales Guide. We opened a contract call center in Northeast Ohio that houses 75 sales and fundraising reps. I’ve been in telesales for a long time but even for an oldtimer like me it’s been highly profitable to learn new and different ways of getting past objections and getting our prospects to buy.”

    5.0 out of 5 starsI’ve seen substantial improvement within myself and my reps.

    Account ExecutiveUnited Security Financial

    A picture of Trevor Christensen

    “If you’re looking to increase lead conversion rates and bring home more money, then this thing is a must have. I manage a team of 10 sales reps and with your materials we have saved countless accounts. I’ve seen substantial improvement within myself and my reps across the board. No matter where you are in your career you can always improve in the art of negotiations. I highly recommend this to anyone.”

    5.0 out of 5 starsAmazing … I listen while I’m driving.

    Network Marketing ProfessionalUK

    A picture of Pete Andrew

    “I recently purchased your training for my direct sales MLM business and I must say it’s amazing. I downloaded everything to my iPad and I also listen while I’m driving in my car. Your techniques have made selling so much easier for me. If anyone out there wants to increase their sales don’t let this product pass you by.”

    5.0 out of 5 starsNew and different. Highly recommended.

    Business DevelopmentBetter Engineering

    A picture of Ryan Hiss

    “I do at least 2 hours of cold-calling per day, and this is exactly what I was looking for!! The rebuttals are definitely new and different from what I have seen before. Also, it’s all there in black and white right in front of me and I don’t have to flip through a bunch of garbage like I do with the sales books I got off Amazon. Great resource. Highly recommended.”

    5.0 out of 5 starsOne of the best I’ve read this year.

    President / CEOWaverider Communications

    A picture of Robert Simpson

    “Bob, I’ve read all of the popular sales books and most of them can’t touch your book. The audio training is fantastic. I rank your book as one of the best I’ve read this year.”

    Sales Comebacks & Rebuttals 2016

    Here’s what you get:

    You get an Eighty-Five Page Guide (over 17,000 words) that includes over 250 intelligent and effective Comebacks and Rebuttals    17 word-for-word Closing Power Statements    25 “new school” Closing Techniques    38 selling questions that isolate the objection    6 budget data-mining questions    7 Cold Call OPENER Scripts to set appointments with Senior Executives    10 tips to turn gatekeepers into guides (make their assistant work for you) and a special section on Psychological Triggers that play on FEELINGS and EMOTION.

    A picture of a white ipod containing sales training audio books.

    And you get The Mp3 Audio Training (over 1.5 hours) so you can listen and learn and hear everything & decide for yourself which rebuttals are the best fit for your product and your personality!

    No, There are also seven (7) bonus items included when you try the Guide.

    Plus 2 useful “surprise” bonuses I’ve added as of .

    Closing Techniques book cover.

    ➊ “eBook Guide To Mortgage Broker Closing Techniques” — I wrote this in ’05 while working intimately as a Marketing Consultant for “The Loan Broker Academy” in San Jose, CA. They told me to get DOWN & DIRTY with these closing techniques. They work for Real Estate sales, too — for Listing Agents, or for when you represent the Buyer … A $29.95 value.

    Memory Improvement Techniques.

    ➋ “Classic Memory Improvement Techniques” — 3 of the best memory-sharpening books condensed into 1 extra-strength .pdf Guide (over 81 total pages). Learn the “Flash Memorization” technique, plus every other memory trick you could possibly know. Never forget the names of your clients. Create mental running lists of hundreds of “to do” items. You will remember everything you read, hear, or need to do — like paying bills, picking up your dry cleaning, etc … A $14.95 value.

    The Science of Getting Rich book cover.

    ➌ “The Science of Getting Rich” — Concentrated and presented in a beautifully simple way, this book will inspire you to create the life you want. It’s said that there is an exact science to growing your income — and once these laws are are learned and obeyed, it’s possible to get rich with mathematical certainty. Guides you to develop a vision, strengthen your willpower, and cultivate an empathy & likability that’s crucial in person-to-person selling … A $14.95 value.

    Sales Questions To Ask The Customer

    ➍ “57 Clever Questions For TAKING CONTROL Of The Conversation And Advancing The Sale Toward The Close” — I wrote this 14 page resource for my sales guys who tend to get “side-tracked” on sales calls. Use these strategic questions to bring the focus of the sales conversation back to YOUR goals. Any time you feel that the conversation has gone down the “wrong path,” try one of these questions to sniff out buyer preferences and get back to advancing the sale toward the close … A $19.95 value.

    Understanding the reasons why you get nervous book cover.

    ➎ “Understanding The Reasons Why You Get Nervous” — Sweating. Butterflies. Tight throat. These are uncomfortable symptoms at a time when confidence is crucial. Learn how to control them when you need to have difficult conversations, or a big meeting with powerful people. This Report teaches you why you get nervous, and offers: “A Quick And Simple 9-Step Exercise You Can Do That Will Calm Your Nerves Every Time.” … A $14.95 value.

    Think and Grow Rich book cover.

    ➏ Napoleon Hill’s classic “Think & Grow Rich” — This 175 page masterpiece is the definitive manual to programming your mind to take specific, step-by-step actions that will make you wealthy. This best-seller has sold millions of copies and has been translated into 26 different languages. It’s yours when you order now.

    How To Achieve Your Goals in Sales Workbook cover.

    ➐ “How To Achieve Your Goals In Sales 34 Page Workbook” — This is an essential goal planning tool! … I personally recommend that EVERYONE use this workbook, for increasing your sales and improving your life in general. The easy “fill in the blanks” format will guide you step-by-step in determining what you really want out of your career & life, and how to avoid stupid mistakes & self-sabotage that lead to failure … A $14.95 value.

    The Art of War for Sales book cover.

    ➑ “The Art of War” — If you’ve never read it, get it here now. Free. When you’re in the trenches, The Art of War gives you the strategy and tactics to pick your battles and win the sale. Timeless wisdom to out-think your prospects and out-sell your competition … A $14.95 value.

    * All of these bonus items are available instantly from your private download page immediately after you want this and you decide to order now, because it’s worth trying out.

    Instant Access! … Click through & immediately start using it.

    Investing in your own sales effectiveness is not a “luxury spend.” it’s an ongoing required imperative that you’re always getting BETTER at your sales job. You are either getting better, or you’re getting worse.

    So start getting better and start seeing bigger and bigger deposits in your checking account!

    The Ultimate Guide to Sales Comebacks and Rebuttals

    Try it with no risk — Easy automatic instant refund if you’re not 100% satisfied.

    1. This product has sold tens of thousands of copies since 2004, and is newly updated for 2016 with 15 new pages of brand new rebuttals and modern closing techniques.
    2. You heard the sample of the Audio Training. All of our materials are produced to the highest professional standards so you can learn quickly and easily and start benefiting from your investment.

    60 day unconditional money-back guarantee.

    My 60 day money back guarantee is automated and it’s enforced by Clickbank, a neutral third party. If you are not 100% totally satisfied, simply forward your receipt to Clickbank and you will be instantly refunded — there’s simply NO RISK in trying it. You have 60 days to request an instant refund for any reason, no questions asked — and you can still keep the Guide.





    Don’t let another day go by before you take action … Do something new to increase your income!

    “You can’t expect different or better results unless you try something new.

    D on’t deny yourself this advantage over your buyers … Download it now. You refer to these materials over and over again. Your co-workers will beg you for a copy. You close more sales and make more cash … I promise you this, with a strong 60 day money-back guarantee.

    Make selling fun again! … An investment in your own earning power is surely worth it — Try these closely-guarded scripts & open a new gateway to increasing your personal revenue.

    Priced less than your daily cup of coffee over the course of a month. Costs less than a couple large pizzas. You spend less on this than you will on a round of drinks when you’re out celebrating closing that next big sale. And it pays for itself right away:

    Make just one more sale because of it, and you’ve easily covered the cost.

  • Try it right now because up until 11:59pm EST on new customers can get a 54% discount off the normal $124.95  $79.99  price and get the Complete Package including the MP3 Training and all the bonus items for only $37.
  • This is an instant download and a tax-deductible investment in your personal improvement and future success in sales and in life:

“Improve Your Sales Skills, Starting Now!

P.S. Order any time day or night … It’s waiting for you. You’re just 30 seconds away from having your hands on page-after-page of amazing sales techniques ready to use on your customers. I guarantee you increase your income with this smart training. Try it — You’re going to be surprised with your own results!  Add to Cart ›

Inside the Private Download Page:  Once you order, you are redirected to a private download page for instant access to the Guide, the Mp3 Audio Training, and the Bonus Items — any time, day or night. Everything is encrypted for security and we do not store your credit card information after the transaction. Order with confidence: You may request an instant refund for any reason, up to sixty days after your purchase. Place your order now because the 54% Discount Offer Expires  at 11:59pm EST — Congratulations on your smart decision to invest in yourself!

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The Gentle Mentor: Relationship Building & Bonding Course

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New 2020 Sacred Tibetan Dzi Bead Physical Funnel

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It is as simple as keeping the stone within your aura, so it will be of benefit to you. It is the balance within the stone that is its most practical attribute.

It may aid you if you are earthy to develop your psychic powers when used at the third eye chakra, but it is not generally a third eye chakra stone.

It is an effective stone to assist you to accomplish goals. If you are prone to criticizing your own actions, you may be experiencing a lack of self worth.

This stone may help you, as it will infuse you with confidence, brightness and optimism that may relieve these feelings of lack.

• Longevity- Dzi is said to help heal a person’s ability to remain calm, giving them a longer lifespan.

• Good fortune- Dzi is said to attract good vibrations wherever it goes.

• Wealth and power- Dzi has a magnetizing effect on other people and situations by increasing the magnetism of the wearer, drawing situations and events into a person’s experiences.

. In addition, the quartz has the ability to heal on multiple levels- physical, mental, and spiritual.

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Get Paid To Use Facebook, Twitter And Youtube

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Get Paid To Use Facebook, Twitter And Youtube

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Thought Elevators – Monster Epcs With 75% Comms Thru Funnel

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Blockbuster Email Marketing Toolkit With 75% Affiliate

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If I offer you a complete email marketing road map, for the next 24 months… would you sit up and pay attention?

The world’s most successful marketers and entrepreneurs understand the MASSIVE value of ‘modelling’ successful marketing campaigns and flat-out copying what works. No more scratching your head, trying to figure out how to sell products to your email list – instead just copy, paste and deploy these complete email marketing Toolkit. These exact campaigns are directly responsible for millions of dollars in sales in our business, and millions more for our clients, friends and partners. That’s why today, we want to give you…

Did you know that companies, on average, earn $32 for every $1 spent on email marketing? Not only is email marketing a lucrative venture for any brand, but it’s also one of the longest-standing marketing strategies. Communicating via email is one of the more intimate approaches a marketer can take and customers generally trust email much more than other forms of communication. However, nobody is born with email marketing knowledge. What better way to master this marketing niche than learning from the masters? If you want to expand your knowledge or you are just getting started with email design, you’ve come to the right place.

Most beginners don’t have an email marketing plan. And they often use this as an excuse as to why they’re not making any money from email marketing. Over the years we have attended many internet marketing seminars and workshops. When I get talking to people on breaks it always amazes me how many times I hear the phrase “But I don’t have an email marketing plan”

It’s worth remembering that…

“Nobody Has A Plan To Begin With, Everybody Has To Start From Scratch”

Most people that have a list use it to send out promotions to their subscribers. Usually, these promotions are rather haphazard and unordered.

Basically, they find a bunch of products that they believe their subscribers will buy and blindly add a promotion for each one to their list. The list then sends out the promotions one after the other, completely automatically. When a subscriber buys a product, the list owner makes money.

This is what 99% of list owners do.

It might sound like a great way to make money. But with an understanding of email psychology, and a little bit of planning, you can set up your email marketing plan so that it makes BIG MONEY.

Your goal is to turn your subscriber into a customer as quickly as possible.

The trick is to start small and build trust…

What is 104 Email Marketing Toolkit?

It’s a result of many years of research and experience in Email marketing. The Bundle offers 4 ebooks which will help you to develop your 2 years email marketing plan and give you the maximum ROI you are looking for. The bundle includes..

Benefits With Our Email Marketing Toolkit

A perfect email marketing strategy is the most valuable and profitable asset you can build. But don’t take my word for it, this is what some of the worlds top entrepreneurs have to say about email marketing. Email marketing is one of the most reliable ways to improve audience engagement for a business or even for a blog. Unfortunately, the wrong techniques and junk approach make the whole process useless for some business owners. It needs a proper strategy and well-developed plan and here we are coming with our email marketing ebook bundle. You can get a lot of benefits from this bundle like our 1000+ users.

Never Have “Marketers’ Block” Again

This is NOT a book about only email marketing. 

You know email marketing works, you know how to write subject lines and you know that you should be segmenting and all that good stuff.

You got that.

But all of us find it tricky to come up with new angle to promote our next product or affiliate offer, right?

The right sequence of emails with the right ‘angle’ means the difference between selling some product and selling heaps of them.

The key is that the campaign itself cuts through the noise, is fascinating and so compelling that people not only pay attention, but they take action (and we all know that means they buy your stuff).

Rather than just sending sporadic emails, these are strategically crafted campaigns where each email moves each subscriber closer to a sale…

…without coming across as pushy, needy or ‘sales-y’.

What you’re getting is email marketing toolkit that makes sure your email marketing is never ignored, builds huge excitement for your product – while at the same time makes your list like you more (because the campaigns are fun instead of hard-sell pushy).

These are the exact campaigns that have generated millions of dollars in revenue from our email lists, despite NOT having the biggest list on the planet.

Fortunately, the size really doesn’t matter.

And, YES, you’re getting all 104 emails inside this book…so you don’t need to think, you don’t need to create – you can copy, paste, fill-in-the-blanks and watch your sales go bezerk

And This Works, Even With A Teeny-Tiny Tiddler Of A List

When it comes to email marketing, size really doesn’t matter.


List building is getting more difficult and more expensive by the day, so we need all of the help we can get!

And having a huge list isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. Delivery is more difficult, hosting is more expensive, engagement is lower…

That’s why these campaigns are designed to be used (and profitable), whether you have a tiny micro-list of less than 100 subscribers or over 1million raving fans.

Even if you’re just starting out, these are the campaigns you need to have in place from Day 01.


How This ‘Email Marketing Toolkit Works For You…

Every single month (or whenever you feel like it!) you can simply hurl open the Game Plan to any campaign that you want and use it, pretty much exactly as it is.

Just need to fill in a few short blanks to suit your niche/audience and then copy and paste your way to profit.

You can use this to sell more of your own products/services OR you can promote affiliate offers, where you just get paid a commission.

These campaigns have been designed to stack curiosity, intrigue and desire… to create compelling sales machines that get maximum engagement, opens, clicks and sales – every time.

What would it mean to you, if you could generate thousands of dollars in additional sales, just by adding these to your toolbox?

How would it change things for you, if you could cut down the hours of hard work, thinking and learning to become a successful email marketer?

What difference would it make in your life if you had the exact recipes for the most successful email campaigns that you have ever run?

104 Email Marketing Templates

5 Welcome Email Sequences

250 High Converting Email Subject Lines

You can invest today 100% risk-free and with total confidence because we are offering you a 60 day unconditional money back guarantee. No questions asked. If you decide, for whatever reason, that email template ebooks are not for you then just let us know and we will refund every penny with a smile.

You need a PDF reader in your computer, mobile or tablet to access the product

Some reviews from our clients

104 Mail Marketing’s Email marketing bundle ebooks help me a lot to modify my email marketing strategy. It gives more engagement and more sales.

Pharista Isis

“Guys – this is an amazing resource for making more sales with email! You NEED to make this available as a product, because this will change the game for anyone interested in email marketing!”                                        Janet Murray

“Wow, I have just finished reading the book, and I am so excited. Each of these campaigns could easily add 6-figures to your business!!!””

Terry Weatherill

“I can’t say enough good things about 104 Mail marketing ebook! Before this bundle I was frustrated with my email marketing was. But now it has a different level. “

Deja Cronley

For Product Support, please contact the vendor HERE.

For Refund Support, please contact Clikbank HERE.

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Profitsgram – New Improved Funnel With Monster Epc + $1550 Contest

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